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How LED Light Therapy Can Benefit Your Skin

Are you interested in a skin treatment with no downtime, that only takes the push of a button? If so, LED light therapy may be for you!

LED light therapy is a non-invasive skin treatment that helps with a variety of skin conditions, improving the overall quality of your skin. This simple yet effective treatment is the perfect way to bring your skin care regimen to the next level. Read on to find out more about LED light therapy below!

What Is LED Light Therapy?

LED is an abbreviation that stands for "light-emitting diode". This light treatment penetrates into the skin's layers and works to correct skin conditions and improve overall skin health.

Scientific studies have tested and proven LED light therapy to be an effective and safe way to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, complexion, and texture.

One of the biggest benefits of this procedure is the lack of invasiveness or downtime. A typical LED light therapy session only takes 15-30 minutes for the treatment to produce desirable results. After your session, you can go about the rest of your day with no redness, irritation or downtimes!

For optimal results, a series of multiple treatments is recommended. At Pretty Please, we recommend that you start with 6 treatments, 7 to 10 days apart from each other, followed by monthly or bi-monthly LED light therapy treatments. To find out more about our LED light therapy treatments, click here.

LED Light Therapy for Skin Problems

LED light therapy can be used to improve and treat a variety of diagnosable skin conditions. These conditions include acne, eczema, rosacea, sun-damaged skin, and even wounds! This painless form of light therapy can effectively treat symptoms of many chronic skin conditions, improving the overall appearance of your skin.

LED Light Therapy for Skin Benefits

LED light therapy also has significant cosmetic benefits that will leave your skin glowing and youthful! This form of light therapy can boost collagen production in the skin and reduce physical signs of aging. Fine lines and wrinkles, along with hollowness due to decreased collagen, will be improved through LED light therapy.

Types of LED Lights We Offer

LED light therapy utilizes different wavelengths of light to treat your skin. All of these different wavelengths treat different layers and parts of your skin, addressing different skin concerns. The combination of these light treatments can even address multiple skin conditions at once, providing you with a complete skin treatment.

Not sure which LED light therapy will work best for your skin? Here is some information on each type of LED light wavelength, and how they can benefit your skin.

Blue LED Light Therapy

Blue LED light therapy is a great option that won't irritate your skin if you're suffering from acne.

But how does blue LED light therapy work?

The blue LED light targets your sebaceous glands, reducing the production of oil that tends to clog your pores and cause acne. It also targets the acne-causing bacteria that live on your skin's surface.

This treatment won't irritate your skin, and will not result in any increased breakouts or sensitivity, making it the perfect treatment for anyone with acne.

Blue LED light therapy, coupled with the perfect skincare regimen, can be the recipe for success in clearing up your acne. Curious about improving your acne skincare regimen? Take a look at some of our products that are a perfect fit for breakout-prone skin.

Red LED Light Therapy

What does red LED light do for the skin? This wavelength is also very popular and targets the deeper layers of your skin in order to improve signs of aging.

Red LED light targets the collagen-producing cells in your skin, increasing their production of collagen. Our skin's collagen production reduces significantly at age 25, leading to increased signs of aging. Red LED light is a fast, non-invasive way to increase collagen production and leave your skin looking youthful.

Though red LED light therapy is most commonly used for collagen products, it also has other benefits.

Red LED light therapy can reduce inflammation in the skin. If you're someone with sensitive, red, or rosacea-prone skin, this treatment is a great option for you. This also makes red LED light therapy a great option after more abrasive facial procedures and treatments that may cause temporary inflammation.

Mix and Match Your LED Light Therapy Treatment

One of the best things about LED light therapy is that you don't have to choose just one form of treatment. In fact, many people opt to use multiple wavelengths in one session to achieve peak skin benefits and numerous concerns.

Oftentimes, red and blue LED light therapies are done simultaneously for a dual-benefit treatment. Red and blue treatments done together can also be an excellent option for those with breakout-prone skin, as they can treat active breakouts and acne scarring in one treatment.

Skin Treatment Made Simple

LED light therapy is a quick, painless, and easy way to address multiple skin concerns and improve the overall health and quality of your skin. This treatment is great for any age and has no downtime.

Does LED light therapy treatment sound like a good fit for you? Book with us today!


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