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Meet the Team

Our Skin Therapists are highly trained estheticians with over 50 years of combined experience. Each one has been rigorously trained by the founder, Jennifer Rasa, so every facial experience is consistent and adheres to our commitment to excellence. 

Owner & Lead Skin Therapist

"Not all facials are created equal... come experience the difference!"

Senior Skin Therapist

"Flawless skin will never be out of style"

Skin Therapist

She feels it is her life's true calling ot help others look and feel their best.

Photo of Alissa Jo, Skin Therapist at Pretty Please

Skin Therapist

On maternity leave.

She looks forward to returning in the Spring of 2024!

“Not all facials are created equal... come experience the difference!”


Jennifer Rasa, the founder of Pretty Please Skin Care, has been touching the faces of many of New York’s residents, performers, and business professionals for the last 2 decades. Jennifer's vision for “Pretty Please” came from her love of makeup and skin care. She has been involved in the beauty industry for over 25 years, learning, acquiring, and delivering the best methods and products to help her clients achieve their best possible desired results.  While working in the industry throughout her high school and college years Jennifer realized at an early age that her true passion was to make people look and feel beautiful. She started her career by performing makeup applications on countless brides, bridal parties, models, and actors.  With the realization that beautiful skin is the perfect canvas for beautiful makeup, Pretty Please was born.  


Since the launch of Jennifer’s NYC-based spa in 2011, her facials have become some of the most sought after skin treatments to date, ranking at the top on Yelp and Google!   Jennifer’s facials have been creating a huge buzz, with features in New York Magazine, Huffington Post, Organic Spa Magazine, L’Official, Deuxmoi, Food Network, Bustle, and listed as top 10 facials in NYC by Racked NY!   Jennifer has proven that her methods using award-winning organic products, paired with state-of-the-art technology, will leave your skin lifted, smooth, detoxified, and just overall glowing and rejuvenated!


Jennifer’s approach to skincare is different from most.  No two people's skin are alike and each and every client must be treated uniquely.  She believes there should be no judgment when dealing with skin conditions and clients should be treated with great care in a nurturing kind way.  Jennifer wants her clients to feel heard, comfortable, and educated about their skin and skin care goals.  She says, “We are not here to up-sell you on services and products that you don’t need.  We are here to build a trusting relationship with you, get to know you and your skin, listen to your concerns, and together, develop a plan specifically designed for you and your skin's needs.  Facials are not a one-time fix-all, they are a journey and we are here to help you along the way!” 


With Jennifer’s clients' needs and health as her top priority, she wanted to make sure that she was going to be using ingredients that were non-toxic but still gave incredible results.  Jennifer started researching different skin care lines that could help her clients achieve those desired results. After experimenting with, and being disappointed with so many different product lines, Eminence Organic Skin Care came into her life and she never looked back! Her experience with using Eminence products paired with her unique expertise in facial techniques and modalities has been a proven success. Jennifer is also a firm believer in working with the skin from the inside out. This philosophy is put into practice by coaching her clients on important lifestyle choices in order to further help correct each skin condition. With the combination of both lifestyle changes, organic skin care/non-invasive skin treatments, she has been able to help her clients heal difficult skin disorders such as acne, rosacea, and premature aging.


In addition to being a New York State licensed esthetician and the proud owner of Pretty Please Skincare, Jennifer has also worked as an educator for the world-renowned president of Eminence Organic Skin Care, Boldijarre Koronczay. With Boldijarre’s client list including celebrities such as Katherine Heigl, Jessica Timberlake, and Jennie Garth, be assured that Jennifer’s training has been nothing short of perfection! She has studied, acquired, and delivers the secrets of Hungarian massage and facial techniques to her clients. These techniques provide instant skin plumping and rejuvenation using award-winning natural and organic skin care products bursting with fruit pulp, seeds, herbs, and biodynamic ingredients. 


Jennifer has created a small oasis off the streets of NYC for her clients to come and receive some of the most relaxing, organic/clean results-driven skincare treatments that NYC has to offer.  Her vision for her facial boutique was to create a place where her clients can feel welcomed while helping them reach their skin goals.  With the success of her organic/non-invasive skin care treatments, Jennifer personally trains her entire staff with the same techniques and mindset to keep the Pretty Please culture thriving for many years to come!   Jennifer and her staff invite you to see for yourself that you too can achieve the complexion that you’ve always dreamed of, with the care and attention that you deserve.

Jennifer Rasa

Owner & Lead Skin Therapist

Flawless skin will never be out of style.

You can say Anne has found her calling in life. With twenty solid years of experience in the Esthetics industry, Anne has made skin her business.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, she graduated with honors from Jean Madeline Esthetics School and received her esthetics license in 1992. While working at Philadelphia’s premier day spa, Toppers, for three years, Anne’s interest in esthetics led her to Chicago, where she worked for over a decade. Wanting to establish herself as a pioneer in the industry, she trained with several physicians and attended both medical and organic skin care seminars.  She has been able to fuse both of her passions together to create the best personalized skin care treatments possible.  Her philosophy is centered on helping each client achieve their personal best.  She regularly attends skincare seminars around the country and is also an expert in advanced organic facial treatments for acne, aging and sun-damaged skin. Her spa experience includes The Peninsula Chicago, Kiva and even her own private practice!


Anne’s passion for this industry is growing stronger year by year. By testing new products and modalities she is able to educate her clients on the best choices for their individual needs.  Anne has always loved working with Eminence Organic Skin Care and by working with Jennifer Rasa, the owner of Pretty Please Skin Care Studio/Eminence Organic Skin Care Educator, she has mastered the treatments!  An all-around health enthusiast, Anne believes great skin comes from lifestyle choices, inner peace and of course, a great natural skin care regimen.  Pretty Please is lucky enough to have her come on board bringing her passion and knowledge to more and more clients!

Anne Paulick

Senior Skin Therapist

Michelle’s love for the beauty industry started at a young age.  The minute she discovered makeup, and the ability it had to enhance one's natural beauty, as well as boost people’s confidence, she was instantly hooked! She remembers being fascinated with the industry and eager to experiment with every makeup product available.


It wasn’t until she developed acne and hyperpigmentation herself, that she became obsessed with the skin underneath the makeup.  As much as she loved makeup and the ability it had to camouflage problematic skin conditions, she became even more intrigued with trying to find a solution to those skin conditions and concerns.  She was determined to heal her skin, and thought, if I could heal my own skin then I will be able to help others heal theirs.  This determination led her into the wonderful world of skincare.  


After trying many different skincare products to heal her skin, Michelle started to gravitate more towards the organic/natural skincare lines.  She noticed that her skin would get irritated by harsh chemicals and found a lot of success with gentle, natural, and nourishing products.  This was a huge factor in healing her skin, but it wasn’t the only thing.  Michelle also realized that reducing stress, cleaning up her diet, and incorporating exercise into her daily routine were just as important for skin health as what she was putting on it. She realized that achieving healthy clear skin is also about a balanced healthy lifestyle.  


After changing her lifestyle choices, nourishing her body with wholesome foods, regular exercise, and switching to 100% natural/organic skincare like Eminence, her skin had made a huge turnaround!  From that point forward she was determined to help others correct their skin issues as well and help them feel confident and beautiful with or without makeup!   Michelle immediately enrolled herself in the Lia Schorr Institute of Esthetics in NYC, where she graduated and received her esthetics diploma.  Since then, she has been utilizing her education and personal experiences to help heal and correct her client's skin concerns.  


From first-hand experience, Michelle knows how debilitating a skin condition can be for a person’s self-esteem.  She feels it is her life's true calling to help others look and feel their best. Now as a licensed esthetician and several years in the industry, it is with her great honor to share her knowledge with each one of her beautiful clients! 

Michelle T.

Skin Therapist

Meet Alissa, your go-to skincare guru with a lifelong passion for wellness and the beauty industry!

Her journey started at the Atelier Esthetiqué Institute for Esthetics, where she earned her New York State esthetics license. From there, she dove into the world of laser facials at Park Avenue esthetics of NY, gaining valuable experience along the way. Alissa even had the opportunity to work on set for emerging skincare companies' beauty campaigns and at the top facial spas in the vibrant city of New York during her impressive 7-year career.

But it's not just about her impressive resume; Alissa's true secret to success lies in her unyielding passion for all things skin-related. She never stops learning, constantly seeking out the latest trends and techniques in the ever-changing beauty industry.

What sets Alissa apart is her love for natural ingredients. She's on a mission to discover how they can transform your skin and address those pesky skin conditions that many of us face. Along her journey, she's tried countless products, knowing firsthand what works wonders for your skin and what doesn't.

Now, she brings all that knowledge to Pretty Please, armed with a genuine passion for organic skincare, facial massage techniques, and a deep understanding of how diet and nutrition can truly make your skin glow from the inside out.

Alissa's career as an Esthetician allows her to make a real impact on people's lives. Just spending time with her can help you unwind, decompress, and feel like the absolute best version of yourself. It's more than just a skincare routine; it's a transformative experience with a touch of pampering!

If you're ready to see stunning results and embark on the best skincare journey ever, Alissa is your trusted guide from start to finish. Get ready to glow, inside and out!

Photo of Alissa Jo, Skin Therapist at Pretty Please

Alissa Jo

Skin Therapist
(on Maternity Leave)

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