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Facials for Men: 7 Reasons All Men Should Get a Facial This Year

3.07 million Americans used facials four or more times within six months last year.

Not all of them were women.

That's right — facials for men is becoming a new norm. Imagine opening your eyes after a cleansing facial feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. You don't have to imagine it if you schedule an appointment!

Still not convinced? Keep reading to discover the top seven reasons all men should schedule a facial this year. 

1. Wash Up

Facials are a great way to detox your face from all the airborne impurities it picks up throughout the day. These impurities can clog your pores and cause blemishes, such as acne, bumps, and irritation. If you have sensitive skin, airborne impurities can cause your skin to stress out over skincare products or your razor as well. 

One of the top benefits of facials for men is that it deep cleans your face.

To start, facials implement different cleansers to dig deep into your pores. 

Then, steam can open up your pores to soften dirt that's tucked away in your skin. The steam makes it easier to remove this dirt to give your skin a thorough powerwash.

Not every facialist uses steam, though. There are numerous facial massage and cleansing techniques a facialist can choose from. They can also craft a custom facial based on your skin's specific needs.


By scheduling a male's facial, you can find the healthy, clear-looking skin hidden by the dirt and impurities clogging up your pores. 

2. Goodbye Blackheads

Are you using pore strips at home to extract blackheads on your own? Sometimes, those strips aren't as effective as you'd think. 

During a men's facial treatment, an experienced facialist can manually extract those blackheads for you. They're also able to safely pop your zits and remove other pustules that are clogging your pores.

This process is not the same as squeezing a pimple at home.

In fact, trying to pop a pimple can do your skin more harm than good. A facialist can complete this process without the risk of scarring your skin or causing long-term damage. 

Once your pores are clear, your facialist can also clean your pores. Using alpha hydroxy acids or retinol, your facialist can reduce your pore size. This promotes a better skin tone and clearer-looking skin. 

Extractions are often uncomfortable. Your facialist will likely suggest this option if you're prone to blackheads.

A facialist's skincare techniques can also clear away small blemishes that aren't fading with at-home treatments.

3. Safer Exfoliation

Facials for men are also better for proper exfoliation.

Exfoliating your skin will remove dead skin cells from your face, improve your skin tone, and shrink the size of your pores. This can ensure the products you're using at home penetrate deeper into your skin, allowing them to work as intended.

The scrub you're using at home won't target deeper layers of your skin.

This can leave a lot of dead cells beneath the surface of your skin. A facialist can use chemical exfoliators, which use enzymes or acids to remove the skin cells. An at-home at the product, on the other hand, will only target the skin's surface.

Shaving every few days can cause bumps and other skin irritations. Exfoliation can smooth out your skin, reduce inflammation, and ease away razor burn. The next time you shave, you'll find the process is less painful with smoother skin.

4. Learn About You

Everyone's skincare needs are different. Speaking with a professional facialist can help you learn more about your skin. By scheduling regular facials for men, you can determine if you're using the right products — or if those products are causing your skin problems. 

Your facialist can tell you more about your skin type than you can realize on your own by looking in the bathroom mirror.

By determining your skin type, you can learn about the best products and techniques for your skin. Their recommendations can help address your short- and long-term skincare concerns. 

5. Better Tools

Two-thirds of male survey respondents said they use facial skincare products at home. However, some of these products could do your skin more harm than good. If you're using the wrong products for your skin type, it could also cause irritation.

Facialists also have better tools than you'd have access to at home. Men's facials can involve radio frequency, LED lights, ultrasound, or electric current therapies. The type of tools needed depends on your skin concerns. 

Many of these tools are for professional use only. Scheduling a regular men's facial can give you access to these high-level therapies.

As a result, you can make sure your skin gets the best possible treatment.

6. Get the Blood Flowing

When our blood circulation slows down, our skin can no longer receive the nutrients it needs to make repairs. Aging is often one of the factors that contribute to slower circulation. This, in turn, can cause tired, dull-looking skin. 

In order to avoid this indicator of aging, a facialist can stimulate your blood flow using a skin massage. 

In addition to increasing blood flow to your face's skin cells, this will help you achieve a natural-looking glow. Your cells will receive the nutrients and oxygen they need to make the necessary repairs.

7. Real Relaxation

The benefits of facials aren't all about your skin health. Facials can also help you relax after a long day. 

After exhausting yourself at work, home, or an intense gym session, a men's facial can help you unwind both mentally and physically. Reducing your stress hormones can also help benefit your skin, allowing you to double up on the benefits. 

As you relax, a facialist will cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate, and rejuvenate your mind, body, and skin!

Facials for Men: Reasons All Men Need to Treat Themselves

All men deserve the chance to treat themselves with a relaxing facial. Facials for men are becoming more mainstream as people realize the benefits men's facials have to offer.

Ready to relax, unwind, and rejuvenate? Contact us today to schedule your first appointment!


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