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Hyperpigmentation: How to Prevent & Correct

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

How we treat hyperpigmentation with facials at Pretty Please

What Is Hyperpigmentation And What Causes It?

Ever wondered about hyperpigmentation and what causes it? Well, let's explore this with a gentle touch, shall we?

Hyperpigmentation is actually quite common, and it's when a certain part of your skin decides to take on a darker shade compared to your usual skin tone. And you know what? There's a trio of sun exposure, hormones, and inflammation that all have important parts to play in this skin story.

Imagine the sun, that warm glow we all love – it can trigger these little cells called melanocytes in your skin to get busy. They're like your skin's artists, creating more pigment to shield the rest of your skin from those UV rays. It's like a protective dance your skin does!

But wait, there's more charm to this tale! Hormones, those lovely messengers in your body, can actually speed up the production of melanin too. So, during the wonderful journey of pregnancy, it's totally normal for your skin to be more colorful!

And then there's inflammation, a bit of a hurdle in this skin adventure. Sometimes, when your skin isn't feeling its best, it might leave behind these darker patches – it's kind of like a memory of the skin's resilience. We call it post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and it's often more common in those with beautiful darker skin tones.

But hey, that's not all! There's a whole mix of medical factors, medications, and even your own special genetic makeup that can influence how your skin expresses its pigmentation.

What Are The Different Types Of Hyperpigmentation?

Whenever you come across a new dark spot that's giving you a little concern, it's actually really important to connect with a dermatologist. They're like the superheroes of skincare and can help make sure everything's A-OK. It's all about making sure that spot is harmless and nothing to worry about.

Hey, you know what? Regular check-ins with a dermatologist can be a pretty great idea for most of us. It's like giving your skin a little love and attention every year. They can take a look at any new or changing dark spots or changes in your skin's color and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Now, let's chat about skin pigmentation – it's like this beautiful canvas with different textures. Some spots are flat, like patches or macules, while others might be raised, like papules or plaques. Think of it as your skin's way of expressing itself in various forms!

And guess what? Just like life, skin pigmentation comes in all shades and styles. You might see a patch of skin darken, like with melasma or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Or, you could come across a darker lesion, like a mole or a seborrheic keratosis, which can kind of look like a "liver spot." And some skin rashes, like lichen planus, can also join the colorful crew.

Now, let's dive a bit deeper into hyperpigmentation. It's like a journey into where the pigment sets up camp in your skin. Liver spots usually hang out on the outermost layer, which is called the epidermis. But then there's melasma, which decides to go for a two-layer experience – both in the epidermis and the dermis, which is like the skin's second layer. It's like pigmentation on a whole new level!

How We Treat Hyperpigmentation with Facials at Pretty Please Skincare

Hyperpigmentation, while a bit of a challenge to tackle, is a journey that we approach with care and commitment. Our focus is on gradual progress, which is why we recommend monthly treatments combined with a personalized home regimen crafted by our skilled Skin Therapist.

To address this, we've designed a brightening facial protocol dedicated to helping you reclaim a more even complexion. Everyone's skin is unique, and our aim is to infuse as many brightening products as possible into the facial experience. We're cautious in our approach, as we believe in "first, do no harm." Our strategy is about testing, strengthening, and gradually enhancing the facial's impact over time.

Let's talk about the powerful products and treatments we harness to aid in the battle against hyperpigmentation:

Exfoliation: Embracing the magic of Turmeric Energizing Treatment or the Bright Skin VitaPeel, we gently coax your skin into its brighter potential.

Microdermabrasion: This treatment works wonders in addressing melasma, uneven skin tone, and the after-effects of sun exposure. In a single session, your skin can begin its journey to rejuvenation. We pamper you with a Stone Crop Gel Wash treatment to round off the experience.

LED Light Therapy: The incredible Celluma’s LED Light therapy partners with your skin's natural rejuvenation, helping to expedite the process while ensuring those unwanted visitors like bacteria don't crash the party.

Masquing: Ah, the delightful phase! This is where Pretty Please facials truly shine. Our sculpting massage technique will make you feel like your facial muscles are awakening from a peaceful slumber. During this process, the Stone Crop Masque & Citrus & Kale Masque work their magic, leaving you refreshed and revitalized.

And to send you on your way with that unmistakable glow, we've got a perfect finish for you. The Pineapple Tonique with Tranexamic acid has been receiving rave reviews from skin experts for its ability to brighten and reduce dark spots. We've got your back with the Citrus Kale Serum, Strawberry Hydrator, and Bright Skin Moisturizer – they'll join forces to ensure you leave with a radiant smile and a confidence boost.

What Are The Best Ways To Prevent Uneven Skin Tone?

The sun is like this artist that can create some changes in our skin tone, which we sometimes call dyspigmentation. When we're out in those sun rays, our skin might decide to produce more melanin, which can lead to those pesky dark spots and a not-so-even texture. And if we accidentally catch a sunburn, well, that can stir up some skin inflammation and even bring in these tiny blood vessels, often called broken blood vessels or those little red spots.

But fret not, because there are some truly lovely ways to protect your skin's harmony! Sunscreen and sun protection are like magical shields against unwanted changes. It's like giving your skin a loving hug of defense.

And hey, if you're out and about when the sun is at its most intense, which is usually between 10 AM and 2 PM, consider taking cover. It's like giving yourself a little break from the sun's strong vibes. And speaking of covers, think about those wide-brimmed hats or even clothes with built-in SPF – they're like your stylish bodyguards, shielding you from any potential harm and keeping your natural glow intact.

How Can You Fix Dark Spots?

Curious about brightening up those dark spots? You're not alone, and there are some pretty sweet ways to go about it.

Sometimes, those dark spots that pop up after acne inflammation can be like those little guests that eventually decide to leave on their own. It's like they're just taking their time to bid us farewell. Depending on the level of inflammation and the pigment in your skin, they might stick around for a few weeks, months, or a bit more. Just remember, during this phase, a trusty sunscreen can be your best buddy – it's like giving your skin a cozy umbrella against the sunlight, so things don't get trickier.

Now, let's talk about those spots that need a bit more attention. For those situations where dark spots are a bit stubborn, we've got some cool tools in our beauty arsenal. Ablative and non-ablative lasers and light-based gadgets are like our magical wands here. Ablative lasers do a bit of a "reset" by gently removing some of the outer skin layers, kind of like revealing a fresh canvas underneath. On the other hand, non-ablative lasers are more like a warm embrace – they pass through the skin without taking any layers off. And guess what? Both of these options are your pals when it comes to fixing those spots and helping your skin's texture and tone shine.

But hey, you know what's awesome? Besides lasers, there are other avenues to explore when it comes to these dark spots. It's like having a few more cards up your sleeve. This condition can actually be addressed with some pretty amazing natural options. Ever heard of azelaic acid, Vitamin C, and bearberry extract? These are like the superheroes of the natural world when it comes to targeting mild hyperpigmentation. They're like little gifts from nature that can make a difference!

Product Recommendations For The Appearance Of Hyperpigmentation

Looking for some wonderful products to help with those pesky dark spots? We've got you covered with some recommendations from the heart of Eminence Organics. These goodies are like little boosts to support those professional treatments, with ingredients that really know how to tackle and gently break up those dark spots.

Let's start with Azelaic Acid, which is like a gentle superhero in our Bright Skin Licorice Root Exfoliating Peel. This peel is all about working naturally to make uneven pigmentation a thing of the past. With alpha hydroxy acids like lactic and mandelic acids, it's a real treat for your skin. And guess what? We've got azelaic acid on board too! It's like this wonderful antioxidant that's determined to soothe inflammation and fade away those pesky dark spots. It's like a little brightening potion in a bottle.

And then there's our Citrus & Kale Potent C+E Serum. Imagine a serum that's not only super fast-absorbing, but also brings some serious Vitamin C magic to the party. This serum is like a superhero for brightening up your skin and giving it a lovely even tone. It's not just about evening out the patches, but also giving your skin an overall boost in radiance. It's like a splash of sunshine for your complexion.

Now, let's talk about the Bright Skin Moisturizer SPF 40 – an award-winning gem that's truly a double whammy. It's like a guardian angel with its built-in SPF 40 sunscreen, protecting your skin from further sun adventures. And you know what's amazing? The bearberry extract it holds is all about brightening the appearance of those dark spots. It's like a little whisper of luminosity for your skin, leaving it looking all even and radiant.

So there you have it, dear friend! These Eminence Organics products are like your partners in crime for saying goodbye to dark spots. They're like little friends that understand your skin's needs and are ready to give it the love it deserves. Shine on!

Remember, your journey to radiant skin is all about showing yourself some love and care. These options are like little steps on that journey, helping you put your best face forward. Keep that glow going!

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