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Bio-Brasion Trinity Microdermabrasion

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Bio-Brasion Trinity

Our newest & upgraded: Microdermabrasion treatment

(add to any facial for $55)

You know us, we have always believed we can get fabulous results by respecting the skin with treatments that are gentle and less invasive. We carefully curate our skin products and equipment that will stay true to this philosophy.


That is why we are ecstatic to introduce our newest machine from Bio-Therapeutic, the Bio-Brasion Trinity!


We believe this microderm machine provides a true upgrade to our previous service. It’s truly the next generation of microdermabrasion. As opposed to our previous machine, the Bio-Brasion is crystal free, low suction and features customizable exfoliating tips to suit every skin type. This allows for an effortless glide across your skin without the friction and roughness of traditional machines. This gentle and effective exfoliation leaves the skin visibly soft, radiant, and glowing. Even those with fragile capillaries and sensitive skin can benefit from this service. Another special feature we love is the wet/dry technology, where custom treatment products can be used under the machine to enhance exfoliation, infuse and allow even better penetration in the skin. We are loving the results! 

The Bio-Brasion treatment can be added to any of our facials and is included in our Triple Layer Facial. It’s suitable for every skin type and while results are visible after one treatment, results may vary depending on your skin concerns and goals. For those seeking skin correction like acne scarring, a series of treatments would be recommended.   


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