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Springtime Skin Care Prep

Pretty Please Springtime Skincare
How to prep and adjust your skin care regimen for the spring.

Spring is finally here and with the weather slowly warming up, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about things you can do to prep your skin for the impending warmer weather. Here are some tips to help your skin transition:


Moisturizing throughout all seasons is essential but as the weather warms up and humidity increases, our skin naturally produces more oil. Swapping out your richer moisturizers for light weight ones will still give your skin the necessary moisture it needs without the heavy feeling. 

Be consistent with your sunscreen

Just like moisturizing, sunscreen should be used year round but more diligently during the spring and into summer. Longer day light hours is amazing! But it also means we are exposed to stronger sun rays and for longer periods of time. Using at least an SPF 30 and reapplying every two hours (while outdoors) is ideal as sunscreen becomes ineffective two hours after application. Don’t like the hassle of reapplying a cream based sunscreen? A powder SPF like Eminence’s Sun Defense Minerals is a great alternative! It’s finely milled so it won’t look cakey and comes in a convenient retractable brush.

Another tip is to use a serum and or moisturizer with vitamin C underneath your sunscreen to boost it’s effectiveness. 

Protect your eyes

As the sun’s rays become stronger during the spring season, this also means that we tend to squint more than normal resulting in more fine lines around the eye area. A pair of great sunglasses helps protect of course but using an antioxidant rich eye cream will help smooth out any fine lines. Try: Neroli Age Corrective Eye Serum, a light gel-cream that instantly nourishes and tightens the eye area but won’t leave you with the overly coated feeling we can sometimes feel with some eye creams. 


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