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Top 10 Skincare Tips from Our Experts

Gorgeous skin is the goal, and it isn't too hard to achieve, but it does take time, effort and require the proper skills. So, tapping our in-house skincare Guru's on the shoulder for tips on how to achieve your skin goals, was a no-brainer! Jennifer Rasa and Anne Paulick are Pretty Please Skin Therapists in the heart of New York City, and they bring over 30 years of esthetics experience. They’re sharing their knowledge by offering a set of skincare commandments that we know you and your skin are going to love!

Here are their top 10 skincare tips that will give you healthy skin and a gorgeous glow.

1. Cleanse, Cleanse, Cleanse!

The key to healthy skin is to start with a clean foundation. Cleansing, and sometimes double-cleansing is necessary to ensure your skin receives the deep cleanse you need. When it comes to double-cleansing, think of it as removing and replenishing. The first round of cleansing is to remove make-up, dirt, and 8 long hours at the office. The second round is to replenish your skin with beneficial ingredients. Cleanliness is not just next to godliness but it’s also a step closer to divine looking skin! The first law in skincare is to remove your makeup every night before bed. It’s not called “beauty sleep” for no reason, our skin rejuvenates as we sleep, so boost your beauty sleep with a clean canvas, a nourishing cleanser and allow your skin to repair itself, to prevent breakouts and combat signs of aging.

2. Defense Is Your Best Offense

Turn this sports mantra into your skincare ritual! Too much fun in the sun can cause more damage than we all want to admit, so adding sunscreen into your skincare regimen is needed. Protecting your skin from the sun, and the harsh damage it can cause will combat aging spots and hyperpigmentation. Even though sun damage doesn’t show itself right away, it does have lasting effects that will appear later. It’s better to play it safe and shield yourself from too many UV rays, to be ahead of the game. Oh, hey ladies with melanin, the same goes for you! While your deeper skin tones have a protective layer and make retaining the sun easier, sun damage can still be an issue. What about when the sun isn’t out, you ask? Well, even on cloudy days, it’s important to protect your skin. Make sure you step out wearing sunscreen or a double-duty moisturizer with SPF, like our Lilikoi Mineral Defense Moisturizer SPF 33.

3. Once-A-Month Check-Ups

Ladies, remember, skincare is not a luxury, it's an investment! Pamper yourself with a facial, and put your skin in the hands of a professional. A monthly assessment by an esthetician will allow you to create a skin care plan that's tailored to your skin needs. Also, having an expert treat your skin means that if a problem, like clogged pores, wrinkles, or dark spots is starting to develop, you can get a specialized treatment before it gets too serious.

4. Beware of The DIY Facial

Sometimes perusing Pinterest or YouTube, can open our eyes to at-home remedies, using simple products we buy day-to-day. Are these natural remedies safe and harmless? Perhaps. Can they be cheaper than the spa and perfect for a girl's night in? Absolutely. However, DIY home treatments can also get you in trouble, especially if you have sensitive skin. There's nothing worse than a botched pore extraction and even the innocent cucumber facial can leave you with red, irritated skin. Our advice? Leave it to the professionals.

5. Your Most Valuable Liquid Asset

On those days when your skin looks and feels dehydrated, it's because your body is dehydrated as well. A thirsty body = parched skin and that's never a good look, so drink up ladies! Having eight glasses of water a day will hydrate your skin, boost your glow and make it easy to lock in hydration from your moisturizer. Reach for coconut water or try fruit infused water on days when your skin needs to be replenished immediately.

6. Leave Your Skin Alone!

We know how tempting it is, you think if you can just pop one little pimple, and all will be right in the world. Deep down you know squeezing and popping will only make the matter worse, so please, let your skin repair itself on its own. What usually happens when you disrupt the repairing process, is redness, inflammation, and hyperpigmentation. Blemishes are like reminders of all the times we listened to the little voice in our heads that told us, "one more squeeze". Be gentle with your skin during breakouts, and allow it to go through the process. We promise a few days is much better than spot treating for weeks or months

7. Get Rid of The Dead Stuff

Smooth. Soft. Supple. Are all the things we want our skin to be! Exfoliating is the way to achieve baby soft skin, but only if it's done properly. There's physical exfoliants and chemical exfoliants -- both should be used gently and followed up with moisturizing. Depending on your skin type, exfoliating at least once a week is beneficial to remove dead skin, clean pores, reduce pore size, and revitalize your glow.

8. Invest in Eye Cream

Make your eyes POP by using an eye cream that's rich and nourishing. This very fragile and thin layer of skin requires extra TLC and needs nourishment all on its own. Having an eye cream is the perfect way to treat that sensitive area, maintain your youthfulness and treat dark circles and signs of aging. Keeping it hydrated with eye cream both morning and night is the best to sip from the fountain of youth without anyone knowing. A few gentle dabs using your ring finger is all you’ll need. Crow's feet? Don't have those! Bags? Nope! Dark circles? Only around your designer shades.

9. The Serum Factor

Let's chat about your new skincare bestie…serums and oils! Remember when applying oil to your skin was considered a no-no? Honey, those times have changed. Exfoliating and hydrating serums were the talk of 2019 and they're not slowing down anytime soon. Glycolic acid plays the role of exfoliator – gently removing layers of imperfections, while hyaluronic taps in to replenish your skin with hydration. A fav beauty oil that was on everyone's lips including ours, was Rosehip Oil. A softly scented oil that was created to deeply moisturize and soften the skin. Looking for a flawless finish? This is the holy trinity when it's time to rejuvenate, revitalize and replenish.

10. Be Kind, Unwind

Rest and relaxation are necessary, so be nice to your skin and allow it to rest! Your skin is going through lots of changes due to the environment, stress, hormones, and aging. Sleep and hydration are important, but also indulge in our recommended home care products and treat yourself to a facial with us!

Okay ladies, so out of these 10 skincare commandments, which are your favorites to follow? Let us know in the comments or share with us on social media.


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