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Top 5 Skin Resolutions for the New Year

by Juliana Isaac

Skincare Therapist at Pretty Please NYC

  1. Double cleanse at night Start off with an oil or milky cleanser to dissolve makeup and impurities from the skin. After rinsing go back and cleanse again to remove any excess dirt and oils. Makes a big difference!

  2. Mask, Mask, Mask! Mask at least once a week to give your skin a boost on concentrated ingredients or a deeper cleaning. You can totally multitask with your masks too! say for example you have an oilier congested t-zone but your cheeks are on the drier side, charcoal mask for the t-zone and a hydrating one on your cheeks.

  3. Hydrate As we all know diet plays a huge part on our skin, and often times we get overwhelmed with trying to incorporate a bunch of healthy foods/choices at once. I say, let’s try one thing at a time. If for example, you want to drink more water, focus on that goal first by incorporating more glasses of water at specific times you can easily remember like starting your day with a big glass of water and then another when you get home or before bedtime.

  4. Exfoliate Keyword is always exfoliate :) so important to get rid of the dead skin layer that’s sitting on our skin. Once you have fresh new skin cells your products will penetrate better.

  5. Smile always! Nothing really makes someone more beautiful than a smile :) Fun fact: there have been studies on the emotional effects of producing a smile that suggests that when we smile, even if we don’t ‘feel’ like it, it actually does lift our mood, in turn making us happier. Love that!


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