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Facials 101 - What is a Facial?

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

A Spa facial puts you in the hands of a licensed esthetician to help recharge your skin and tackle a handful of skin concerns in the process. On top of supercharging your skin, it’s also incredibly relaxing!!!

For over 10 years, at Pretty Please, we have strived to create the best facials to meet many of the needs and concerns of our clients. Pretty Please is located in the heart of New York City, the melting pot of the world! This has provided us the opportunity to help clients of all ages, races, and ethnicities improve their skin.

Our facial includes a number of steps to treat your skin. In the beginning, we provide a pre-facial consult to learn more about your skin, health, and any medications you might be taking that could affect the skin.

From there, the facial begins! See the steps below :)

Steps In A Facial Treatment

In fact, you can expect nine or more steps in a professional facial.

  1. Cleansing: The esthetician removes any makeup and surface buildup with a cleansing product such as a cleansing gel, oil, or milky cleanser, depending on your skin type.

  2. Skin Analysis: The esthetician takes a close look at your complexion, often using magnification, to identify your skin’s current state.

  3. Steaming: The esthetician often incorporates steam to soften pore congestion and assist with extractions, should you need them.

  4. Exfoliating: The esthetician applies an exfoliating treatment to remove the buildup of dead skin cells. Typically, this treatment will be of a higher concentration than exfoliants you use at home.

  5. Extraction: The esthetician performs extractions if needed, clearing away blackheads and whiteheads. (Please review our extraction policy on our facials page)

  6. Facial Massage: To stimulate the facial muscles, help drain lymphatic fluids and assist the skin with absorbing further products, the esthetician massages the face gently but thoroughly.

  7. Masking: One or more face masks are applied, each of which are carefully selected based on your skin assessment and analysis. (We incorporate our facial massage during this step for better penetration into the skin)

  8. Finishing: The esthetician completes the treatment with the appropriate finishing steps including toner, serums, moisturizers, eye care, and SPF to condition and protects your skin from environmental stressors.

Our Skin Therapists will adjust these steps depending on your skin type or concerns. For example, should you be a sensitive skin type, they may reduce steam. If you are not struggling with clogged pores, they may not need to perform many extractions. If you have concerns about any step during a facial, don’t hesitate to ask the esthetician to explain their process.

Why Do I Need A Facial?

We all have skin goals. A facial is the best way to ensure you see the long-term results you want in your skin. Owner and Skin Therapist, Jennifer Rasa, says “Teaching you how to care for your skin properly is one of our goals here at Pretty Please Skincare. We use a variety of techniques, treatments, and curated skin regimens. Facials are an essential part in helping care for the health of your skin.” To simplify why this all matters, we’ve broken it down into four key benefits.

1. Get A Thorough Cleaning

Think of a spa facial in the same way as we view our dental hygiene. Many receive dental cleanings, 2 - 4 a year. Sure, you brush and floss daily, but you still get your teeth professionally cleaned.

In the same way, regular spa treatments are an essential complement to your daily skincare routine. Professional facials, especially acne facials, take the state of your complexion to the next level.

Many skin conditions require continuous care, and the effectiveness of home skincare needs to be boosted with regular spa treatments. Together, at-home and in-spa treatments produce successful results, better and faster.

2. Hire A Pro Extractor

Picking your pimples is a big NO-NO. You are at risk of creating scars and dark marks when you squeeze or touch blemishes. You can also spread bacteria causing pimples across your skin leading to more pimples!

Spa facials provide a sterile environment and a seasoned pro to properly extract blackheads and pustules. (Please review our extraction policy on our facials page)

3. Ask For An Expert Opinion

Decoding your skin type can sometimes be tricky. With constant changes due to seasons, diet, age, and even weather, it’s reassuring to get professional advice on a regular basis.

For example, is your skin really dry - or is it actually dehydrated? While dry skin lacks natural oils and needs more oil-based products, dehydration is a condition that lacks water, from both inside out, needing more water in your diet and rehydrating products.

With similar signs and symptoms, it can be tricky to sort out what you are dealing with, but this is exactly what an esthetician is trained to help with. During the consultation, your esthetician will be able to diagnose your skin and develop treatments specifically catered to you.

4. Relax And Unwind

Last but certainly not the least (and our favorite). Pretty Please strives to make our facial spa your little sanctuary within the busy streets of NYC. We want to provide an intimate and soothing experience in our little judgment-free oasis.

And since stress plays a role in the condition of our skin… we find it important to incorporate facial/arm massages, hot towels, and the amazing aroma of our organic products.

Need us to say more? ;)


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